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12 pieces of LED ice cubes


✅Perfect for  party, night club, bar, other events.
✅ Each cube can change to 7 different colors in seconds.
✅These reusable LED drink cubes are made of food-grade polystyrene plastic and can be used safely with food or drink.
❤️Perfect for the  house party ❤️

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Would you like to offer your guests something very special at the next party? How about a welcome drink that twinkles and glows?

Yes, it really is possible – with the blinking LED ice cubes!
The flashing LED ice cubes look like a large ice crystal, but are made of plastic with color-changing LEDs inside. At the push of a button on the back of the cube, you can switch the light on and off and switch between three settings: fast flashing in sequences of two, permanent flashing and permanent light. The ice cubes are available in red, blue, green and orange.

Of course, the flashing LED ice cubes are completely waterproof and non-toxic, so add them to your drinks without any worries. Better still … you can even freeze them (although the cooling effect of the LED Ice Cubes is better). The secure, waterproof seal prevents you from changing the batteries inside, but they do keep the ice cubes blinking and glowing for dozens of hours!

The Flashing LED Ice Cubes can not only be used to light up your drinks, but can also contribute to fantastic atmospheres: put them in the bathtub for a hot and cool bath! Place them in your garden to showcase your plants and features! Use them as a bright and fancy table decoration for this special occasion!



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