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NUSSI Personal Protection Alarm ™ for women and children


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🎨 Protect yourself directly with the personal alarm signal from NUSSIt
👍 The alarm signal of the “NUSSI” with 130 decibels protects you and scares off possible attackers


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Protect yourself directly with the personal alarm signal from NUSSI!
The alarm signal of the “NUSSI LOUD 130” with 130 decibels protects you and scares off attackers.

We value attention
When threatened, activate Nussi LOUD 130, Nussi’s 130 dB siren, to create a distraction. The alarm signal booms like a jet engine!

We are stylish
The modern design by Nussi is available in five colors, each with a keychain. It is a great companion in school, on paths, at night or in unfamiliar places.

We are premium
Every Nussi is hand-tested and durable. It turns on and off as needed and is rechargeable.

The time to keep our women safe is now.
According to EU studies, every twentieth woman in Europe is at risk at some point in her life. Not only is this a terrifying statistic, but one that is heartbreaking … because it also affects one in twenty of our women personally.

We founded Nussi because we want a world in which women take security for granted. Our goal is to activate women and accelerate change. We hope you and your loved ones use this tool to stop a life changing tragedy.

After thinking about what you can do to create a world where women are safe, there is no better time to do something than now.


Protect yourself and your loved ones!

You can be reassured when you have NUSSI with you or give it to your loved ones. The last thing you want is for something to happen to you or the people you care about.

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White, Rose, turquoise, Blue, Black

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